Create your connected home with home automation.
Take advantage of all these technologies that simplify your life and make it more comfortable and safer on a daily basis.

Home Automation

Domocontrol: the choice of excellence for all your home automation projects

Home automation systems offer absolute comfort, whether you are an individual or a professional. Take control of the parameters of your well-being: temperature, brightness, sounds and create the special atmosphere you desire. Quiet and intelligent, these systems make your rooms comfortable, modern and elegant. Do not hesitate to contact Domocontrol for more information.

Home automation what is it?

The term comes from the Latin “domus”, which means house. Yes, but a smart home! Home automation is a set of innovative techniques that are revolutionizing our daily lives. They arise from the fields of electronics, building physics, computing or telecommunications. And above all, they are automated. Their objective ? You simplify life by centralizing the installations of your home: heating, lights, electric shutters, garage doors, entrance gate, electrical outlets, alarms, etc. Home automation is not just here. It is found in hotels, gardens, shops, restaurants, castles, parks, yachts, cinemas, etc. or in any other public place.

Home automation provides concrete solutions to meet the needs of:

  • Comfort: energy management, optimization of lighting, heating;
  • security: fire alarm, theft;
  • communication: remote controls, visual, sound signals, etc.

The advantage? You can control everything from your smartphone and / or tablet remotely.

From design to completion, Domocontrol takes care of everything

Domocontrol offers you tailor-made home automation and electrical solutions that adapt to your lifestyle. Thanks to digital and intuitive interfaces, you can easily remotely control all your home automation and multimedia installations in your home or workplace (shop, restaurant, hotel, etc.). Choose natural or more subdued light according to your needs: shutters, sheer curtains and blackout solutions, curtains, roller blinds, Venetian or boat. An infinity of possibilities is open to you, do not hesitate to ask us for advice.

We carry out an in-depth study of your project and we take care of the technical files to bring your desires to life. Once this technical file is complete, we give it to our electricians along with an electrical wiring diagram. Whether it is home automation, audiovisual project designs (installing an audiovisual room or a private cinema for example), electrical equipment (lighting, opening shutter systems, etc.), security (alarms, detectors, etc.), we submit it to you. plans, supporting 3D diagram.

Our services in Home Automation


  • home automation project study and design
  • realization of the file
  • technical drawings


  • production of the prototype in our agencies
  • customer validation


  • creation of ergonomic and intuitive interfaces to remotely control your home or professional place
  • installation of home automation, multimedia, electrical installations
  • Domocontrol makes it a point of honor to meet your expectations and deadlines


  • personalized monitoring of home automation systems on site
  • predictive maintenance

We offer a personalized home automation service from A to Z, perfectly suited to your needs. Our top-of-the-range, innovative and aesthetic facilities will make your home an exceptional place to live, synonymous with luxury and comfort.

A typical day with home automation

It is 6.30 a.m. You sleep warm in your bed. Your home automation box checks your calendar. Do you have to go to work? She sees that you have scheduled a meeting at 9 a.m. The towel dryer then starts up in the bathroom, 30 minutes before waking up. Gradually, the light in your room intensifies and music plays to encourage you to get up on the right foot.

The sun is rising. The roller shutters open automatically in harmony, to let in natural light. Your playlist follows you from room to room thanks to a motion detector. You wander to the rhythm of the sounds emanating from the speakers built into the walls. You sit down to drink your coffee in your kitchen, the music intelligently stops so the speakers can play today’s news.

When you’re ready, you leave the house through your already open gate. The connected home knows you’re on the way, so it activates your alarm system. If you are going away for several days, certain lights come on to simulate your presence. All appliances turn off or go into eco mode (lamps, heaters), except, if you have decided, your robot vacuum cleaner which will do its job while you do yours.

If the postman arrives during your absence, you will be notified on your smartphone. You can then decide to open the gate if necessary from where you are, so that the delivery person leaves the package in a safe place.

When you get home in the evening, the home automation system detects it and turns on the heating to welcome you at the ideal temperature. The gate is open when you arrive in front of your house.

Tonight you have to take out the recycling bins. How are you sure? Because your smarthome knows it. It warns you by using the digital interface you use to control the home automation system or by illuminating kitchen furniture, for example, in a yellow color to let you know.

The sun sets. Your shutters too. Have you planned a movie night at home? No problem, the system takes care of everything: the lights go down, the TV turns on and starts your program, the home cinema starts up and we just have to choose the movie (which is often more complicated than the setting up the home automation system, especially with the family, we agree!).

This scenario is of course the one you programmed. It changes depending on your days and your habits. Everything is flexible, from the simplest to the most complex program, to suit your comfort requirements.

However, there is no need to multiply the material. So, how to do ? The answer is simple: contact us! Domocontrol is the trusted home automation expert you need.