Private cinema room

Home Theater

Domocontrol specializes in high-end private cinemas

Whether you opt for a home theater in your living room comfortably seated on your sofa, or a premium setup with D-Box motion-simulating chairs, there is a home theater waiting for you.

Discover a haven of peace where you can enjoy movies from the comfort of your chair and in the arms of your sweetheart, or during a movie marathon with your friends. Even games take on another dimension and thus take full advantage of the latest technological innovations. All aspects of the hall are optimally designed so that every spectator has an unforgettable audio-visual experience.

From lighting, lush carpet, quality audio systems, starry sky ceiling, acoustic treatment and acoustic insulation of the walls, Domocontrol exclusively designs and chooses the best products suited to your needs and supports you in the customization of your cinema room

Live the movies, live your dreams.